Anna Maier - Ulla-Maija

ulla-maijaUlla-Maija was founded over a decade ago. The brand has been built as a couture bridal house. The hallmark of the house is luxury in all aspects of manufacture and design. Today, Anna Maier ~ Ulla-Maija may be the only couture bridal business remaining in the United States. Certainly there remain designers and dressmakers that offer individual client service, but as an international business, Anna Maier ~ Ulla-Maija may now stand alone.

Couture make and approach to servicing the client is at Anna Maier ~ Ulla-Maija’s foundation. It simply can not, nor could it choose to, do anything else. Anna Maier ~ Ulla-Maija will always make to the measurements of its clients and marry its design sensibility to them.

As with many business, an individual whose given name was Ulla-Maija founded this couture bridal business. For the second half of the company’s history, she has not been active in the business. The business is the expression and effort of many individuals wholeheartedly committed to the founding premise of couture luxury. For the majority of Anna Maier ~ Ulla-Maija Couture’s business life it has been and remains, under the direction of Charles W. Bunstine II.

Mr. Bustine has spent his lifetime directing, developing and contributing to some of the fashion industry’s most notable companies.

Anna Maier and her husband were master tailors. Anna came to the United States in 1871. Her roots are found in the Alsace and Lorraine provinces of eastern France. Her creative spirit has endured more than a century and is now expressed in the collections of Anna Maier ~ Ulla-Maija Couture. Anna is at the root of Mr. Bunstine’s apparel and design lineage, she was his great grandmother.

The mood and beauty of the collection is captured by the camera lens of Dan Lecca. Mr. Lecca is the preeminent runway photographer in the world. He finds the very special moments that best express the intention of the designs.

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