My visit to resort market began with Sunday brunch in the West Village and my annual visit  to The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Costume Exhibit. I looked forward to visiting with my fashion friends as we pontificated on our passion for living and our love of fashion.
We reminisced about walking through last years exhibit which showcased Alexander McQueen….the crowds…walking past the lines…. and how we both simply wandered through the exhibit individually for hours.
Our points of view come from very different places and we could chat for hours discussing the word of fashion and the way cultures live in today’s world. I truly believe the art of
conversation is essential to the growth of the human mind and spirit.  Ideas can  be presented and challenged.  For example,  the concept of compare and contrast sparks fresh concepts and creativity. Human interaction creates emotion and feeling, a nonverbal gesture can create a strong message and understanding from one to another. Conversation is essential to our humanity and our creative being.
The Impossible conversation between Schiaparelli and Prada truly pointed out their philosophical differences and points of view. They live in different worlds: Schiaparelli ‘s world was stricken with war and pain but  had a freshness and  strength  to live and search for the new. Create a passion for fashion and like fireworks; travel, religion, and the arts, shock people.  Prada’s present eposes the globalization and the digital age wear nothing is new.  Women have such a passion for living that it requires a different attention. The world is completely open you cannot shock people today.
Schiaparelli was from the cafe society where everything was from the waist up. Celebrating the shoulders, the bust, everything was best siting down. Where as Prada celebrated everything from the waist down like skirts that is procreation and movement. Schiaparelli had a very Feminine point of view and Prada came from the hard chi and the menswear movement. Schiaparelli hung her hat on the door strong and feminine honesty comes at a cost. Prada did not want anyone to know what she was thinking and tried to make the man more human and the woman more powerful.
The exhibit’s conversation moved me and the meaning I took away will resonate throughout the year. Points of views on both sides is relevant and we search to find the difference to celebrate what is authentic and transparent.