My Girls


Moments create feelings which one savors for individual meaning. Opening a door in a world to identify unique moments, enjoy others and find happiness can be challenging in today’s modern world. Time and reflection can be food for the soul, and experiencing simplicity, raw beauty, and balance evoke ideas which facilitate creativity and true meaning!


Door to Cana Lighthouse


I just returned from our family cottage on Lake Michigan in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin.  The many lighthouses of the area remind me of the simple direction a light can bring to ones world.


Cana Lighthouse


This area is truly a slice of heaven. The areas gorgeous landscapes of the Midwest are simply serene and the vistas of the lake are poetic. A cool breeze off the lake, the movement of the maple trees, farmland vast and limitless to the eye, and the Midwestern sky are images which envelope the pure sense of your heart and true peace to your mind. My Miami based family and I truly enjoy the balance this time brings to our fast paced life. It is like the ringing of a church bell reminding you to give thanks!

Shepherd of the Bay Church