The ever so talented Design houses and their teams create gowns that are breathtaking to behold. The exceptional boutiques that represent these houses provide a service to clients which is as unique as the gowns they hang.

Camille Russler with Oscar de la Renta


Camille Russler with Vera Wang


The process of selecting and purchasing a bridal gown is different than any other garment you have purchased in your lifetime. Most brides I have found are looking for an experience a search for the perfect gown and people around them who give guidance, understanding, and patience. These qualities translate into selecting a style which represents each bride’s exceptional look and fitting this gown perfectly.

Camille Russler with Carolina Herrera


Camille Russler with Angel Sanchez


I attended various fashion weeks and have studied various trends to deliver the best of the best fashion my industry has to offer. The designers truly give of their individual’s vision to create a gown that is true to their design identity and represents their vision of their brides. They all design for women who desire gorgeous gowns.


Camille Russler with Charles W. Bunstine II

Camille Russler with Rita Rivini



Gowns are available for purchase everywhere. I encourage each and every bride to take the time to shop and take the time to have an experience if not for your wedding when?

Camille Russler with Reem Acra


Camille Russler with Ines di Santo


Camille Russler with Elizabeth Fillmore



The amazing part for me is the ability to deliver to my brides the feeling of desire and passion which is present when we find “The One.” Now maybe not everyone has the desire to join myself and my team of designers on this journey to your perfect dress, but if there was a moment to take the time to enjoy couture, tradition, and fashion this is the moment!!


Looking forward to dressing all my new brides at my Ever After fall trunk shows, book your date and time today!