Once upon a time…

Camille Thiry Russler

Our Story

Ever After opened its doors in October 2002 as a new concept in bridal boutiques. 

A salon garnished with contemporary touches and the experience of old world couture, it bourgeoned a pioneer in the bridal industry. Ever After promises an individualized, expert-led bridal gown experience with the bride in mind. 

The Atelier

After finding the dress of your dreams, we continue the personal experience with our own atelier that boasts couture seamstresses with over 30 years of experience in the business who will custom tailor your exquisite gown.  Fairy tales begin with once upon a time and should end with “Ever After.”


Meet the Owner

The fairytale begins with Camille Thiry Russler who had a vision to create a unique experience for today’s bride. As most stories begin in the business of bridal, it was her own wedding that brought her to this moment; the search for the perfect dress along with a personal fashion experience to compliment the journey.  When she opened Ever After the modern day fairytale was born. Now, with over 15 years of experience, brides from all across the globe come to have the Ever After experience that cannot be found anywhere else.