Oscar de la Renta and Camille Russler


The design aesthetic of Oscar de la Renta is always exquisite! As I am sitting front row at his Spring 2011 Bridal collection I am taken by his specific attention to detail and intricate use of colors and textures. After the presentation of his 2011 collection, I had the honor of visiting with Mr. de la Renta. What a pleasure it is to meet with the dashing an unmistakable gentleman Oscar de la Renta. Mr. de la Renta omits the presence of greatness and his representation in American fashion today is true luxury. Meeting with him in his New york showroom is always a treat as is debonair demeanor fills his 7th Avenue offices. He is present in his business daily and it is amazing to see his team work hand in hand with such a living talent of our generation. Oscar’s sensibility is ever present in his collections. Viewing his ready to wear collection at Fashion Week gave me an insight into his direction with his use of vibrant colors and textures. From ready to wear, to evening and of course the monumental garment such as your wedding gown, Oscar has defined the woman who wears his garments. With the launch of his bridal collection in 2006, the young woman became formally introduced to Oscar, the designer their mother and grandmother has worn through the years. Oscar was truly the toast of this seasons 2011 Bridal Fashion Week with a depth to his collection like no other. Oscar de la Renta will be a stay in your personal wardrobe for a lifetime. Oscar de la Renta offers the woman of today ready to wear, shoes, accessories, fragrance, cocktail frocks, couture evening gowns and of course the bridal gown. Oscar is present in many of the moments that last a lifetime through the women who adorn his creations.


Carolina Herrera and Camille Russler


Carolina Herrera is a woman who has defined refinement and sophistication. While sitting in her New York showroom, I immediately notice the air of sophistication and presence of royalty that abides when Mrs. Herrera enters the room. I notice the poise and elegance that is present through her collections in her demeanor and aura. She has an eye for all things individual, intellectual and beautiful; which is present in her creative team. Mrs. Herrera believes fashion is a challenge, that you have to experiment and use your imagination. As a designer, her collections represent the mixing of old world sensibility with a modern interpretation, which is something she has done in her own personal style. This is ever present in her most recent fashion week presentation. The compilation of true couture is represented in the artistry of her bridal collection. The 2011 bridal fashion week debut at the Pratt House showcased her signature theatrical representation of the art of fashion and is a way to express her creative interpretation. Carolina Herrera has a global representation of boutiques, ready to wear, accessories, fragrance, handbags, couture cocktail, evening, and of course bridal gowns. The bride who enters the brand has a lifetime of luxury ahead.


Vera Wang and Camille Russler


Anna Wintor wrote the Foreword for Vera Wang’s book. She writes:


“I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with a greater passion for fashion than Vera Wang or anyone for that matter with more determination.”

What a pleasure it is to meet with Vera; a modern woman with an incredible raw sense of style, a rocker edge and who is in line with the girl of today. I completely agree with Anna Wintour, Vera is down to earth, unassuming and democratically enthusiastic about fashion. When meeting with Vera and her team in her New York showroom on 39th Street, you feel the presence of a growing brand. The showroom fills with a vibe of Vera’s unmistakable love of fashion when talking with her about her ready to wear collections. She loves her art and has a love for all things raw and beautiful. Vera Wang has launched a brand with multiple outreaches in to many markets. She changed the face of the bridal industry with her launch of a bridal collection almost 20 years ago. Bridal as it had formally been known as the baroque costumes of yesterday was transformed into the important expression of fashion for the woman of today. The aisle became the brides red carpet moment because of Vera.


Her most recent fashion week presentation gave a feeling of luxury that is crossing over and that will define her future in the luxury market. Vera’s news of expansion in the market place gives her ability to be everything to everyone and is ambitious. Her signature Madison Avenue Bridal stomp, SoHo ready to wear boutique and her most recent opening of LA Store Vera Wang houses everything from ready to wear, breathtaking accessories, shoes, cocktail gowns, fragrance and her signature bridal collection. Her lifestyle products can be found in multiple points of sale in the marketplace. Vera Wang celebrates her 20 year anniversary this year, look out for installations and articles that recognize her achievements as an era of Vera Wang.