Wow, what an amazing spring for Ever After. The store was bustling with brides and their families. It has been quite overwhelming! All of the gracious gifts, emails, texts, reviews and simple acts of kindness from our brides has been rewarding for us. This has been the most memorable season yet, it has truly touched my heart!

 How blessed Ever After is to have the most fabulous, refined and spectacular brides in the world!
What does it meas to be an Ever After Bride? The gown sets the stage for the expression of the feeling of her moment! I always tell my Brides when I wish them well before they leave to ENJOY THE MOMENT! It goes by so fast and you have to stop, take a moment to take it all in to savor your day!

 My friend and acclaimed wedding photographer Carlos Baez and I put together the below to illustrate exactly what I am thinking when I say:

Enjoy your family and friends who have come together on this historic day to celebrate the joining of the bride and groom.



Enjoy the meaning of the day; a celebration of love and the lifelong commitment of man and wife.



Enjoy your ceremony and what that means to you. The reception and how you made it your very own unique to you and your vision! Every detail is special and specific to your Wedding day!





Enjoy the essence of the tradition we celebrate to mark the marriage you have created.



Enjoy how you came together to bring you to this time and place.




Take a moment and close your eyes. You are wearing a beautiful gown, hearing a lovely song, the feel of  a soft kiss and a warm hand, the smell of a flower, the taste of champagne… You will always cherish the moment you call your wedding day!



I feel so blessed to work with countless of women from all over the world in selecting and styling the most gorgeous garment a woman will ever wear on the historic day she calls her Wedding day!



Thank you to all my Ever After Brides. You make everyday worth making the Ever After Experience special for more and more women!




Camille Russler