Recently, my daughter’s Girl Scout troop had an Ever After experience of a different kind.  The troop was invited to the boutique to create little white dresses for their American Girl dolls. These Girl Scouts are preparing to receive their first Holy Communion.  This was an opportunity for them to earn their sewing patches while creating some of life’s memorable moments.

We spoke about the white dress and the three times white is worn in the Christian faith: first at Baptism, second at Holy Communion, and third at the Wedding. We also discussed the significance of the color white, what it represents, and how special the dress is for each of us. It was incredible to see that the girls have a true understanding of the tradition of the white dress and the significance of the sacrament they were going to receive. Each seemed very excited to include her doll in this exciting time.

I took them through the process of creating a dress. We began in the showroom where I introduced the couture team to the girls. First we spoke about design and sketching, then we explained fabric and patterns. The girls were thrilled to follow along in their booklets and meet the ladies who would assist them in creating their dolls’ little white dresses.

It was a step by step process that each girl relished. We all sat around the cutting table and laid out the materials. Then, the girls were assigned their personal seamstress and began to snip, sew, and create their dresses. After the dresses were complete they moved onto the details and finishings. Each Girl Scout created her own sash and veil to go with her doll’s dress.

The event was a lot of fun and each Girl Scout came away with a beautiful First Communion dress for her very own American Girl doll. Most importantly, they had an experience they can carry with them forever. One of the girls commented, “I made a dress today from real fabric in a real sewing room like on Project Runway, now that’s cool!”

What I love most about Ever After is the role we play in creating moments of happiness in people’s lives. It was a very special moment for me to be able to host Girl Scout Troop 214 at the boutique.

The relationship between girls and their dolls has a rich and profound history.  Girls live out their dreams and their imagination through their dolls, foreshadowing what one day will become a reality.  Innocence and beauty is at its purest and most gorgeous form when a little girl is playing with her doll.