On my way again to the city I love…


Spring market is upon us and the city is in bloom. The cherry blossom trees are starting to show their colors.

The city is so gorgeous in spring, it is my favorite time of the year to visit! A rebirth of the world with a fresh new start!

I travel to the city very often in search of beautiful and inspiring finds. It is amazing to me that on every visit I learn something new about my business and I discover new hidden gems in this unbelievable metropolis.

Although, what is most impressionable to me is the vibe and feeling I have when I am in NYC, it is electric to my spirit. A powerful force which ignites my eye to a sophisticated deeper expression of style and fashion.

The sights and sounds always brings a sense of purpose and place. Watching the fashion on the streets speaks of a social, artistic and political message. It seems to me to be an edgy, raw and sophisticated style in no certain order.

A city rich in history, fashion truly has a voice on these city streets. From one neighborhood to the next we move into a different culture and expression of living.

NYC truly is the center of the world, where everything matters. One singular person can make a difference. Personal purpose is  paramount to your survival in this town!

Here I am always inspired to do it all!! Maybe it is the vision of Lady Liberty which inspires my dreams!! (I wake up to her every morning looking out the window of my Standard Hotel room.) She always reminds me of the rich history of this great city.

Those who passed her before entering Ellis Island are the very same immigrants who became the pioneers of American fashion!


After all, New York was the gateway to our coutnry for those who built the American Dream!

So excited to be here and select amazing finds for all my fabulous EA girls!!