Fashion & Style…. What thoughts are brought to the mind when you come across these words?? New York is the fashion capital of the world, I see trends on the runway and believe in taking them to the showroom floor and setting them. Fashion Weeks here in New York are tactile moments in fashion in which we can experience moments and trends being birthed on the runways at Lincoln Center. With another successful and eye opening trip to Manhattan, here are my thoughts on NYFW Spring 2013.


For myself these words have been the foundation of a unique experience… these two words represent the authenticity and transparency of what is spoken from my soul and onto my showroom floor. I have been dressing women for one of the most important moments in their lives for 10 years. It has truly been an honor that most people do not have the opportunity!


To begin this Ever After journey I had to educate, research, create, and explore. I did this in the great city of New York! It had different forms and many travels all successful and evoking different moments in the pages of Ever After’s story. As I return home from last visit to NY I feel a sense of pride in what I represent and the business I am so passionate about!! Not everyone is about to get to do what they truly love for a living!


When you follow fashion you look to trends to guide you from season to season. In the 1600’s when fashion was created they had to create the concept of trends and with that concept this industry was born. I took to setting my own trend in Bridal with the creation of  a new concept of a modern day salon with a unique experience unlike any other. I followed designers that believed in the principle of the modern day woman without compromising the traditions of yesterday. With my idea set in place I began to see a transparent generational shift occur on my showroom floor. The customs of yesterday became our woman’s couture fashion of today.


A good friend always reminds me that I breathe and live fashion. At NYFW when the music starts, the lights hit the runway and the parade of fashions begin something remarkable occurs when fashion & style begin live and breathe in front of our very eyes.