I was incredibly excited when the Sex and The City was to debut in May of 2008. In the Vogue photoshoot that Carrie has, she wears bridal gowns by a variety of haute couture designers. During the summer, I had all of these designers housed in my salon, and got the exclusive rights to the “Carrie” Vivienne Westwood gown she wore for the wedding in the movie. All of the available designers shown, Vera Wang, Christian Lacroix, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Vivienne Westwood all under one roof in one place in the country, Ever After in Miami.

I wanted to put together an event showcasing the fashion in the movie here in Miami. Local stylist Danny Santiago who worked on the film was on board for participating along with jewelry designer Ramona Boucher of Bastion (the infamous designer of Samantha’s flower ring in the movie.) I wanted to replicate the scenes of Carrie’s Vogue photo shoot with all of the gowns she wore. I contacted photographer Carlos Baez to help put this vision together. I planned a day shoot, ending the night with a party at the salon. Karla from Karla Events came on board and supplied all of the props and decor to set up the vinettes for the photo shoot as well as the furniture for the party. Rik Rak Salon also came on board to be apart and provided the hair and make-up from stylist Mario Ortega and his assistants.


For the photo shoot, we shot all of the bridal gowns shown in the movie in an exact replicated scene. They were all styled with accessories from Ever After, from earrings to custom veils. For the event the models stayed in the gowns and in the “scene” as guests would walk by and take pictures. Danny Santiago provided me with ready-to-wear peices that Carrie and Samantha wore in the film to showcase during the event. Carlos also shot the models in these peices. For the event, models would walk around in the ready to wear peices with the majority of the peices on mannequins in the lobby where quests arrived. Ramona Bouchon set up a fabulous display of her exquisite gems and jewelry for guests to view.


For the cocktail party, Karla Events set up tables outside and there was a live dj on the patio. Ana Paz provided a fabulous cupcake tower and Nuvo supplied the alcohol for the night. There was a large screen outside with the Sex and The City film being projected onto during the night.


The vinettes stayed up for 3 days being showcased in the salon. Spectators would stop by to admire the amazing peices on display. I am thankful to everyone who participated and made this fashion event in Miami a very memorable one.