It begins for some during childhood with Fairy Tales, flower girls, and dress up. A girl’s fantasy of becoming a princess like Cinderella. Her dress up games. The moment she walked down the aisle as a flower girl. The wedding dress is a dream you fantasize about for years. It is a journey.

Find meaning in the journey. A gown is both an expression of a feeling and a statement. One piece can be romantic and have a high level of craftsmanship. Another, could express sophistication and elegance with clean lines and Parisian design elements. An avant-guard woman could select a modern and contemporary piece that exudes vision and modernism.

My role is to assist, guide, and direct the journey to your dress. Think of me and my EA team as storytellers, creating a woman’s styled look for her Wedding. We learn about who you are, what you think is beautiful, and how you see silhouettes, design, and fabrics. Your style and personality begin this story with Ever After. As the fashion curator for your wedding gown, I search for couture fashion for each and every one of my brides. You know what you want; we are the facilitators who make your dream dress come true.

Part of the wedding journey is selecting and experiencing these works of art. This historic garment, over time, will evoke many emotions. The image of you in this gown will last beyond your wedding and through your lifetime. It will also reside as a lasting memory of you as a woman. I and Ever After are honored to be part of the journey to your dream dress.

Journey Tips

1. Write a descriptive paragraph of your vision of you as a bride.
2. Choose your three top silhouettes.
3. Choose the three design elements you love in a gown. Ex. Beading, texture, draping
4. Choose three fabrics.
5. What iconic bridal image stands out to you? Ex. Royalty, Famous person, Socialite, Family, or Friend