Friends, business partners, contemporaries- what do all of these words have in common?  They all reference back to human beings and the relationships we keep. The business end of my boutique is founded within the relationships I have created in the exclusive niche that is the bridal market.Although in a completely different context, your wedding is also very much about these same relationships found throughout our lives. While planning your big day, your friends make their opinions and judgments known on who will be in your inner circle and how to share this moment and make your dream come true. Selections must be made carefully with thought and precision.


As I move forward in this business of delivering you nothing but the best in the white dress, I must look beyond traditions and build the perfect assortment of nothing but industry’s finest.


My brand Ever After houses art in my showroom that must speak to my brides through the glass casing on a very intimate level, in order to create that bridal moment. There is no room for mediocrity.  Collections must deliver and connect with the woman who wears the gown. I can dress you and take you there, but I must believe in the look and approve the message being sent out. When working with the finest collections that the bridal industry has to offer, a curated look should exude beauty and luxury on every level of your bridal look.I am so blessed to hang nothing but the most sought after designers and collections that deliver nothing but the best in bridal couture season after season!