This past market week I took the time to be inspired by the city and enjoy the New York experience. I began with my infatuation, which is passion, and I learned you must free yourself and look from within in order to share and create true beauty. One cannot expect passion if you are simply an observer, you must engage with expression of your true self and leave the masks behind!

Camille Russler in a Writing Appointment


The houses truly looked from within and let their passions be shown in these collections. I could see the depth of the journey they took this market. Each artist’s collection pulled from an intellectual spirit from within. They created gowns that spoke to various customers and each individuals unique style. As a retailer, I am here to deliver the very best the market has to offer. When I see tangible beauty on the runway, it just makes me smile!!

Camille Russler with Alex Bolen, CEO of Oscar de la Renta


In the showrooms, of the major houses, they were true to each ones singular voice. Designers departed from the same, overused looks and ventured into something new, giving a fresh start to the white dress. Regal touches brought design elements with conservative and traditional airs. There is no question the royal wedding will bring understated elegance back to the iconic dress.


Camille Russler with Caroline Brown, CEO of Carolina Herrera


Design houses were not safe, guarded, or unsure. Each celebrated their spirit for design and delivered a more sophisticated product for the fashion forward bride.

Camille Russler with Erica Arkin, VP of Bridal Sales at Vera Wang


Lace was a recurring theme in the Spring 2012 looks and I venture to mention it was a challenge for designers to create the elaborate details presented. Embroideries create texture that took the design to a more intellectual point of view. Embellishments had a level of sophistication, which weaved into the design process. Luxurious fabrics created an ideal compliment to the couture gowns created for one of the most memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

Camille Russler with ODLR CEO Alex Bolen and ODLR’s Shanna Chaityn discussing the Spring 2012 Collection


So much of this niche special order business is about fantasy and the modern day fairytale. This singular experience is what lets a woman enjoy fashion, find her passion, which then translates into the ultimate dress. Ladies find your voice this season, take off the masks and fall in love with your dream dress!!

Camille Russler with Caroline Brown, CEO of Carolina Herrera, Discussing the WWD Bridal Article


Camille Russler with Vera Wang’s, Dee Santoli, styling  a Vera Wang Spring 2012 look