Four very simple words which ask a question that creates a moment which will change your life forever!


You may ask when did the question become a billion dollar industry and why it has become so much pop and circumstance?




The year was 1840 and the wedding was that of Queen Victoria. Prior to this wedding bride’s would go threw their belongings and pick out their best dress. Color was not an issue. However after ‘the wedding of the century’ occurred, and Queen Victoria wore white the idea of what was proper to wear at your wedding changed. A white gown and veil became the most traditional and popular choice of attire for a bride. And so the billion dollar bridal industry was born.


Why do I love weddings? The coming together of people to celebrate Love! From the dress, to the story of the day from ceremony to family tradition, to the historical mark you leave in the world of your union. The iconic moment of a wedding, the image which represents that vision!




Why do I love the dress? It is the dress which represents a moment in life of pure happiness. The one dress which is all things beautiful! Your expression of a bride which will last in an image for all time! Bringing fashion to bridal brought the inner meaning of style to bridal which gave the woman a voice! If you look at a bride and think of the woman in the gown, two woman could wear the exact same dress but the expression is completely individual through style, poise, and grace.


Collections will come and go but your bridal gown will last forever!