As we embrace a new year we look into the past and dream of our future.

To all our brides who will be married in 2011 this is truly the beginning of a new chapter in your lives. A wedding always brings a feeling of rebirth in one singular message. Through history Marriage has had many different faces for the woman. Weddings were more about politics than love. Women have been a possession to be bought, a pawn to secure peace or alliance between families, tribes or nations, and a way to climb the social ladder. Today’s couples come together through love and passion to have their ideal or perfect day of union.

The white dress creates the image of purity and tradition. The woman who becomes the bride selects her gown to express what kind of woman she represents; the modern bride builds a message to create a feeling and passion which can be Avant Garde, classic, sensual, romantic, or traditional. Which image are you??

The singular most important element at Ever After is assisting you in creating your look. The experience my boutique provides is the ability to pair your image of bride with you as a person. A lasting memory of who you are and what you are to become. My team and I look forward to styling you and making your glass slipper dream a reality!