The couture customer purchases her bridal gown with Ever After and has an extraordinary Ever After Luxury Experience.

The Ever After experience begins on our showroom floor



Bringing the best of the best to the showroom floor at Ever After is the most sought after curation of the white dress our Ever After Brides have come to cherish.

Our glass cases showcase a breathtaking curation of works of art from the best of the best in Fashion.


There are no limits to the experience Ever After and Camille Thiry Russler will provide to service her clients to find their dream dress!

New York City, Manhattan


The fashion curator of Ever After has traveled to New York for over a decade curating the most sought after relationships to bring the best of the best to hang and be created for it’s Ever After Bride.


Camille Thiry Russler between appointments on the streets of Manhattan during New York Bridal Market


Lady Liberty inspires Ever After and the world of Fashion. Those who passed her before entering Ellis Island are the very same immigrants who became the pioneers of American Fashion.

The Statue of Liberty New York City


From New York to Paris my Ever After will take a bride on a journey to the capitals of fashion if they dream that dream . Ever After’s fashion curator continues to break boundaries and travels to Paris after a decade in bridal to bring the houses of Couture to their showroom floor and the city of lights to their Ever After Bride.


Camille Thiry Russler off to the couture shows in Paris


There are no borders to fulfill our Ever After Bride’s personal fantasies of their dream wedding dress!!

Arc de Triomphe Paris


“The fantasies of life are lived out on the wedding day.  It is the creative backdrop that makes an intimate statement about who you are creatively, artistically, socially, religiously, passionately and historically.” Said by, Camille Thiry Russler.

Ever After’s 10 Year Anniversary at the Cruz Building in Coconut Grove, FL


At Ever After’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration we honored 10 years of luxury bridal fashion through a retrospect of 50 Ever After’s most Iconic Brides. Ever After continues to create the vision of the Ever After Iconic Brides everyday both on it’s showroom floor and beyond!!

Camille Thiry Russler at the Ever After 10 Year Anniversary


It is Ever After and it’s fashion curator’s honor and  great pleasure to dress a woman in the most iconic gown she will ever wear. The historical iconic image of a woman as a bride will live on in each woman’s residence in a photo that represent’s their personal style as a bride and a woman on her journey through life.

An exquisite showcase of dresses at Ever After’s 10 Year Anniversary


Ever After believes the attraction to the white dress is the elegance, sophistication, poise and beauty embodied by the gown and the tradition it represents in our culture.

Camille Thiry Russler and her 50 Iconic Brides at Ever After Miami’s 10 Year Anniversary at The Cruz Building in Coconut Grove, Fl.

“An individual comes up with ideas, sets goals and commemorates milestones to engage her dreams and turn them into reality, writing her own story of happiness.  I see this on my showroom floor every day. Thank you to all my Ever After bride’s today, tomorrow and always for sharing this moment with Ever After.” Said by Camille Thiry Russler

Enjoy your personal journey of finding your dream wedding gown!