Here are some of my favorite pieces from the Couture Shows of Fashion Week in Paris.
These stunning pieces lend themselves as inspiration to what we may be seeing
on the runway for the upcoming Bridal Fashion Week. These eye catching themes
and silhouettes would be amazing translations into The White Dress.
Alexis Mabille Couture 2012
Alexis Mabille
His show was bold with vibrant colors each models face painted
with the same shade as the tissue flower placed on her head.
Armani Prive Couture 2012
Armani Prive
An impressive couture show theme of metamorphosis with an emphasis on the snake
and the butterfly both their natural processes infused into the collection.
Also, there was a sense of casualness with jackets on one shoulder and simply tousled..
Channel Couture 2012
One hundred fifty shades of blue. The vision presented by the Chanel show was
streamlined, upbeat, and forward-looking. The key point in the presentation was
a new fashion attitude. The youthful slouchiness of the attitude was a counterpoint
to the byzantine complexity of the techniques that created the clothes.
Christian Dior Couture 2012
Christian Dior
Gaytten’s second couture collection for the house. He x-rayed the craftsmanship
of the Dior ateliers, and the riveting result was a show that dared to inject
an unfinished quality into the most polished fashion arena of them all. Sheer layers
exposed the underlying construction of garments. In its charmingly unfinished
tentativeness, this felt like the sort of collection a designer might offer if he was
laying out a blueprint for the future.
Giambattista Valli Couture 2012
Giambattista Valli
A hint of old Hollywood glamour in his evening wear. An Eye catching floral print
and silhouette.
Versace Couture 2012
Dresses designed strictly for the pop and flash of the red carpet, second-skin tight and cut
to accentuate the hourglass curves of a woman’s body, only encrusted top to bottom
in beads and plastic paillettes. Donatella’s “Warrior Women”: the expertly realized
results evoked Thierry Mugler’s eighties glory days on the one hand and the
movie Metropolis on the other.