As I fly home from this last NY experience I am left with a bit of wonder… The electricity of New York is always real and alive but the city seemed a bit muted for my taste…

Not sure where the time has gone but this year has felt like a true marathon. Hard work and determination is the theme of my year. Stay focused on what is important and keep it real. As I look through them with new perspective, my rose colored glasses have a new realistic tint to them.

How can I express my passion for this craft we call fashion. I enjoy playing with style and bringing identities and expression to life. My showroom is a place to come to be dressed in garments that deliver your message. It can be a story that you tell which expresses who you long to be or who you are right now. I do not see clothing as a standard garment it must be manipulated and styled and made your own. Pushing the envelope and creating new trends for others to admire. Wearable art!


NYFW has brought us collections that can be wearable fashion as well as street fashion. Luxury garments must be enjoyable and make you feel pleasure. Clothing is a necessity in life but what we select to wear makes a statement about you. I attended shows selecting looks that tell stories. Day wear, cocktail, evening, pieces that can be paired blended and finishings that define ladies in today’s world. The theater of fashion was given to us as  a show which is created  and directed.

Fashion is entertainment and as we watch red carpets through the awards season one can identify iconic looks that can be translated to a bridal gown or evening gown for your next event. As women today we are posting and pinning images of what speaks to us and it is fun picking and choosing and reporting on our on point of view. This has brought the fashion conversation on a much larger scale and with a lot more points of view.

Information is everywhere but be careful to be educating yourself properly  and if you do the rewards will be ten fold. Today, so many tweeters and bloggers are reporting on various fashion moments in  real time with some many different points of view. Media has become a real life human component reporting and delivering a true public opinion. The new Information highway allows us to self educate and fashion teaches us lessons about many avenues in the world today.


Education is power and with that a true women’s style can be carefully created and sculpted to perfection. Now fashion becomes a true expression of style, it is a tool or a painters palette and brush to create a piece of art to be recognized. A perfect kiss at a perfect place in the  perfect movement  creates a memory which will last a lifetime. This passion is alive and real now as Paris, the city of fashion,  ignites ones soul from it’s slumber.