Fall Ready To Wear 2012 Collections:

The Fall ready-to-wear runway left me resurged with new energy and inspiration. Pops of color, floral and lace in fall, and futuristic details graced the runway with effortless style, leaving endless possibilities. Below I have some of the looks that caught my eye from the collections:


Burberry Prorsum



Straddling the line between the vintage feel from the pre-fall collection and the sumptuous colors and fabrics of Fall by cinching a rich quilted velvet coat at the waist with a delicate bow detail.






A laser like precision on the female body, curve hugging silhouettes and eye catching details to all the right places exalts the female form and gives the eye something to feast on.






The mood was dark for the fall collection coupled with sleek lines and a plunging neckline this piece is true beauty with a confident edge.



Emporio Armani




The collection called for Winter Follies and Mr. Armani captured it pictured pairing low slung Bermuda Shorts with colored tights, skirts, and dresses. Beautifully playing between the lines of structured masculine lines and delicate female details.



Elie Saab


An emerald column dress cinched perfectly with a high-waisted belt gives the elegance of pure liquid magic as if the dress could walk the runway without the model.



Douglas Hannant




Amidst a collection teeming with classic Fall details, this dress blends soft femininity with the strength and sturdiness of the Fall season without batting a perfectly curled eyelash.



Dolce & Gabbana




Inspired by rich religious traditions of his native home of Sicily, Domenico Dolce paired soft detailed lace with an airy floral brought a surprisingly softer feel to Fall.







A mix of classic elements with futuristic details, a peek of an accordion pleat with padded hips and futuristic turtleneck. The perfect blend of the timelessness of yesterday and the cutting edge of tomorrow.







Chloe’s Claire Keller decided to make her two worlds one with the fall collection. A simultaneous nod to her birthplace of Great Britain and her current backdrop of Paris. Classic red knit sweatpants are the true embodiment of classic sportswear where the etherial lace blouse weaves the fancier chic way of Parisian life.



Chado Ralf Rucci




Simplicity with a twist rules this garment as the classic silhouette gets a breathe of fresh air as stunning crystal embroidery take it to a galactic level.



Carolina Herrera




Carolina stayed true to the timeless glamour that runs through all her collections but brought it to functional new heights this Fall with clever pockets on grand ball gowns and always keeping her finger on the pulse of what is up and coming Carolina had the pop collage print by designer Joe Duke seen throughout the collections.



Carlos Miele




The combination of the subtle gold shimmer on the column dress with stunning tulle overlay gives the impression that this garment as if this dress was made from spools of gold.







Opulence is given as easier  spirit with a body hugging dress adorned with hand-worked crystal and pearl embroidery.



Alexander McQueen




There was no looking back for Sarah Burton. Bright futuristic looks ruled the collection with an array of fabrics used and a model uniform of sci-fi visors and clean white wigs. Exaggerated sleeves that seem to come to life on their own prove that the future is bright.







Earth and all her splendor and design proved to be the greatest inspiration for Mr. Lagerfeld. His mineralogical pull showed with colors rivaling the earth’s own jewel deposits, shapes that stand the test of time, and a peek of a red lace legging to show his ever growing love of what is next.