How lucky am I to represent icons?! Six days of fashion for the White Dress!


Becoming a bride is an iconic moment in one’s lifetime. Your image as a bride will live on beyond your years. This market, my thoughts were about the woman behind the image. Who is she? What she wants… Where she will marry… When will she choose her look? Why do we have weddings? How do they find their iconic look?


As a buyer you can loose sight of the task at hand as the billion-dollar business of fashion unfolds. This market I kept myself focused on the core of what I do… I find beautiful gowns that I can dress my EA Bride in to make their moment complete.Fashion is at the roots of what I love in the white dress.


I recalled my beginnings in this business as the freshness and newness of the clean, simple, and elegant statement of a bride. The special moments that occur during Market are a constant source of inspiration.

The moment a designer pushes her limits and exceeds your expectation in design. The runway presentations that are so beautiful to behold that they move you from within. Those breathtaking moments of surprise are so rewarding, when you have been in this business for over a decade.  These are the ideas that move a buyer to create her spectacular assortment of gowns. As a modern day fashion curator my job is to build the best offering of the White Dress at a luxury level for my Ever After Bride.


This Market was all about finding the soul and centering oneself at the core of bridal fashion. Understand your customer, LOVE your job, and deliver nothing but the BEST value, service, and experience at this priceless moment in time. It is a true honor to work with the timeless fashion of the White Dress.