Camille Thiry Russler of the atelier Ever After Miami provides the most extraordinary ¬†experience when it comes to selecting the perfect gowns for a bride’s wedding wardrobe.

When Rachel Johnson of The Thomas Faison Agency calls, Camille begins to procure the dream wedding fashion experience for her clients.

Working with Alexis Welch Stoudemire was an exceptional journey that began at New York Bridal Fashion week in October of 2012 and continued with a private showing of gowns in a  photo studio where Alexis, with her family and friends, selected her bridal look.

In January of 2013, Camille traveled to Paris to select couture pieces to complete the bride’s wedding wardrobe.

As April approached in New York we finalized her story.

Alexis was expecting through this journey and all the pieces were fitted at the atelier Ever After Miami the week of the wedding.

On the wedding day, Alexis and her bridal party were received by Camille at Ever After Miami to be dressed for the big day. “It was an honor to provide an extraordinary Ever After experience for such an exceptional woman!” -Camille Thiry Russler

Alexis Stoudemire in Giambattista Valli

Alexis Stoudemire in Oscar de la Renta

Alexis Stoudemire in J’aton Couture

Alexis Stoudemire in Giambattista Valli