Camille Thiry Russler Shares Her Paris Experience at Couture Fashion Week

Traveling to Paris for the couture shows was an enchanting experience of a lifetime. The creations found in the elite world of couture are the fashion industry’s modern day treasures. These garments bring our dreams to life. Garments that were created to be like no other, emulating works of art.


On a personal level, my trip to Paris was extremely humbling. To walk the streets of the fashion district with my point of view is rare, because I was searching for white.


I live in the pristine world of white and I am always searching for what is around the corner when it comes to the white dress. My sense of fashion is at the core of this traditional gown and I truly believe the emotions of every woman feels in reference to this garment, for it is like no other she will ever wear.


Fashion is felt from within and these feelings create images and style. Trends are then created from this image and transferred to others creating a human connection. These internal emotions create the art of Fashion.


I believe the attraction to the white dress is the elegance, sophistication, poise and beauty embodied by the gown. You are welcome to join me on this journey to your dream dress, you just have to trust, believe, and respect the process of this private club. Dare to Dream!