A New York minute passes us by with each turning of the page on to the next passing trend as we watch our American runways deliver functional fashion and inspirational collections for all to enjoy.

As the seasons pass, the unique elements of standout collections bring fashion to the lives of millions today. Today’s market can react at such a rapid pace because of one’s access to digital media on all of its various platforms. We have truly given a new meaning to the term instant gratification.

I feel the sense of the true meaning of the collection and the message of the designers live within the runway presentations as they breathe life into the garments. When I make the effort to travel to Fashion Week, it is to keep my finger on the pulse of the fashion industry. I bring back to my Ever After the latest trend reports and bring the relevance of the season to the White Dress.

My customers benefit from the innovation of a modern day curator of fashion who relates all of her elements back to creating breathtaking looks for one of the most memorable moments in her lifetime!