A Fashion curator is someone who manages or is in charge of clothes or fashion. I prefer to call the clothes or fashion that I hang at my Ever After boutique “Works of Art!!”

It is truly my passion to work with beautiful things everyday. My love affair with fashion began young. As a little girl I would observe my maternal grandmother’s exquisite taste and style. She was a woman who pushed her limits and represented class and elegance always. At age 5 I remember I could not wait to pour over her W newspapers (now referred to as Woman’s Wear Daily) and her Vogue magazines.

I learned as a young girl to use all aspects of fashion to tell a story. From the garment, to the woman wearing it, to the position in society, or the world view fashion can, give an individual, I love the daily creations one can give the universe. The greatest nonverbal message one can make in society is the way one dresses.

As a fashion curator I believe dressing a body using garments as props creates movements with visual expression.  Creating patterns that really tell a story.

Over the past ten years I have dressed hundreds of women in my showroom in Coconut Grove and have shared in their life experience. The intimacy one shares while finding the perfect look is truly the greatest moments of my career.

I take pride in knowing the lines, styles, and tastes of top designers. I make it my business to be responsible for showcasing clothes in a gallery-museum like setting and treating clothes like pieces of art. I track thousands of accessories and details to complete this curated experience.

I am thrilled to have become a respected person in the creative community, a professional that people turn to for knowledge in the fashion and design profession.