This past summer I put together an editorial photo shoot featuring all of the designers we carry. I had a new fresh vision I wanted to capture, and implement this into our new website. The feeling is very fresh, crisp, modern and innovative. There are two stories that are told, the roof-top shoot which showcases the couture peices in a contemporary light setting. Inside the studio, I told a story of the brides’ journey she takes, and the moments she experiences. There was a series of about 7 shots capturing different elements of the wedding day. You can see throughout the website these shots. I came together with the best in the industry who helped make all of this possible.


Carlos Baez did all of the photography for the shoot. We had been talking about coming together for a while to execute a shoot of this nature. The photography was most important to really capture the feeling we were going for, and I knew Carlos was the only one who could make it happen. I’ve worked with Carlos for years, and he is the photographer for alot of my brides. Julien for Merge Studios did all of the videoagraphy which came out amazing! The opening to the website was put together by Julien from the shoot that day. Also, Xquisite Events provided the props you see in the shoot and helped with the production of the shoot.

The hair and make-up was led by Mario Ortega of Rik Rak Salon in Brickell, FL. I have worked with Mario for years, and he has an incredibly creative vision when it comes to hair and make-up. Also Luis Gonzalez, Alejandro Calvani and Mara Fernandez did make-up for the models.


The fabulous diamonds and jewelry you see on the models were provided by Cristal Karron of Krissy’s Diamonds. She brought in amazing rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets which were used in all of the shots.


All of the gowns were provided by Ever After Miami


Everything came together beautifully and the shoot was a major success. I look foward to more projects in 2010!


You can see the gallery of most of the bridal shots in our website, click on collections, and then go to gallery. You can see a zoomed version of the thumbnail when you click on it.