As I look back onto 2012 it was truly a fantastic year with so many events and milestones. Over the past year I have had the tremendous pleasure of dressing my Ever After Brides, for the one of the most important days of their lives, their wedding days. In the days of Instagram and Facebook, photos and photography have become such a vital part of our everyday life. This is even more important during those special times of our lives, to be able to take step back and  freeze moment to capture for a lifetime is something we need to do on a regular basis. The value of great photographs is really integral during your wedding day, it is such a special moment that goes by in a joyful blur that needs to be remembered. Below are some of my 2012 Ever After Brides, I thank them from the bottom of my heart for sharing these photos with me and allowing me to be a part of that very special time in their lives. A new year brings us new opportunities and new moments in life, so take the time to the freeze the moments in the life and cherish them forever.

January 7th 2012- Amanda Arnold in Vera Wang

January 14th 2012- Paige Hardy in Oscar de la Renta

February 18th 2012- Sipiwe Moyo in Vera Wang


March 17th 2012- Ashley Lorenzo Miranda in Rivini

March 17th 2012- Lauren Zuckerman in Vera Wang

March 31st 2012- Sandra Francois in Vera Wang

March 31st- Jen Wolper in Rivini

April 7th 2012- Lori Legg in Vera Wang

April 14th 2012-Kristin Daniel in Oscar de la Renta

April 20th 2012- Daniella Diniz in Vera Wang

April 21st 2012- Amanda Lombardi in Vera Wang

April 21st 2012- Lorena Villanueva in Rivini

June 18th 2012- Joanna Boyd in Ines Di Santo