14 Oct

Love is in the air … On my way to NYC again … I have Fall 2012 bridal, weddings, and marriage on my mind…


I find myself searching for the true meaning of love in the world today. It is an inspiring moment in time for those who grasp the deeper meaning of love.

Who we love

What we love

When do we show love

Where is love in the world today

Why do we all need to be loved and give love

How do we know when we have found true love


Great questions … hard answers…



Being at the center of weddings, love is all around my world everyday. Groups of families that love one another come together to celebrate a bride. Families sharing in their culture and traditions expressing what they love. While enjoying picturesque moments of love.

Weddings are the modern day showcase of love in the world. Celebrities, reality TV, the royal wedding, and pop culture have crowned weddings as the it thing for love! Fairy tale endings with happily Ever After Brides!


I will ask you this questions. Why is it so hard to be loved and give love and why is it difficult to commit to falling in love, staying in love and giving and receiving unconditional love?


Your answer may be it is not hard at all. When you are truly in love. Although, I pose the question because of what I have experienced with women from all over the world. The answer as to why it is not hard, to commit to loving someone or something. It is a feeling which humans cannot rationalize nor convince ourselves of, it must be present in an overwhelming way. To reach this level of love it is euphoric and to make that connection with another human being is truly amazing. When you think about love in those terms it is not easy to feel without the undeniable emotion of love! In other words, when love takes hold of you everything falls into place effortlessly.

I still ponder what is different today for these women finding love at a deeper level. As I chat in the showroom with my EA brides I see a recurring theme over the last two years. They are strong, passionate women with a message to deliver about themselves and the man they love who celebrates their achievements, beauty and success. Women are going out in the world and finding their match, making the first moves, and creating moments which represent a life they desire and men are listening!  I believe this is the true understanding of the above posed questions. Women understand the emotionality of love and are driving their relationships. Women are coming into a deeper meaning and feeling of love!


Seems like the tides are changing, men created a courtship to woe a woman and it seems there is a shift. Hopefully the goal is to fall in love with each other, but as life teaches us there is a dominate player with all lovers. I must say I am happy to report WOMEN are taking center stage!!


Well I just landed at LGA,  perfect timing. Ladies I am here in NYC for bridal market with my EA girls to select the most gorgeous couture gowns for our Miami Ever After showroom. The trunk show season, Fall 2012, begins the first weekend in November. Brides to be select your date so you can be dressed by the best for your wedding day and you may deliver your personal and individual message of LOVE!