Luxury looks for direction, experience, value, service, and a younger fashion girl with a point of view which speaks of a newness and fresher vision. Change is an amazing thing, in the beginning you are unclear of your direction or purpose but when you transform, the message becomes crystallized. Value is put before all else in the equation of evaluation.

Fashion changes season-by-season trends play a role in our direction but inevitably the market moves our business. Those that buy on both the retail and corporate side create the story of fashion on the streets.

The little niche fashion stop I have in Miami gives clients the space in which to create wardrobes for their  lives. women need an oasis to explore and discover beauty withinthem. My deeper sense of meaning is the heart and soul of the EA story. My customer sees value in the experience, expression, exploration, and evaluation that is in motion on the showroom floor. My team and myself create an environment to discover yourself and enjoy beauty.

Fashion is simply a tool for women to bond with one another, find happiness, express themselves, and escape in frivolity. It gives women a visual verbal voice. The art of fashion is a rare gem that must be  showcased and not bastardized in the modern markets. The value we give to each woman who passes through our doors is something she will carry with her throughout her life.