Vera Wang on the COVID-19 Impact

Vera Wang takes on this unprecedented challenge with grace, poise, and wisdom in her latest interview with Bridget Foley from Women’s Wear Daily.  With a driven, talented, and hard-working team behind her, Vera knows that the livelihood of many lies on her shoulders.

In line with our designers, we echo Vera’s thoughts, sentiments, and emotions. Ever After and Miami Atelier have taken a team-first, or rather family-first mentality when it comes to the recent pandemic.  Our team is our family and our extended family is our EA Brides. As families do, we are making sure each member of our family is completely taken care of through these uncertain times. Experience and Elegance continue to take on a new meaning in this current climate of change. Be strong with courage and confidence as we move through the days ahead.

In a non-stop, and ever-changing industry like fashion, it’s impossible not to wonder what will happen when we come through to the other side of this. Taking a step back, we begin to think about what the impact will be on the fashion industry and the world at large.  Vera asks, “Will this change our whole perspective?”

Read the full article at the link below:

Bridget Foley’s Diary The COVID-19 Impact: Vera Weighs In