Zuhair Murad and the COVID-19 Impact

At Ever After, we are proud to stand in solidarity with our incredible fashion houses.  Zuhair Murad continues to use his platform to encourage, educate, and inspire his many followers. We wanted to highlight the Spring 2020 Faith gown and some of Zuhair Murad’s social media posts on the COVID-19 outbreak.  This exquisite lace dress is a visual reminder for us to have faith during these trying times. Experience and Elegance continue to take on a new meaning in this current climate of change.  Be strong with courage and confidence as we move through the days ahead.

From Zuhair Murad

“During these dark times, our mindset is our most powerful tool. Optimism, hopefulness and positivity are crucial, and we need to not only find them within ourselves, but try to spread them to those around us. Personally, I find my peace and comfort within the endless field of creation. The #ZMrealm has always been a getaway for me, like my own personal voyage. Find your passion, and dive deep into it. Use your time wisely, and do the things you have always wanted to do but never had time for, even if that means simply relaxing. Reach out to your loved ones, remind them that you are there for them. We can and we will get through this. My heart is with you all. After heavy rain comes sunshine, and just like that, this too shall pass.”

“The sooner we comply with social distancing guidelines, the sooner we can reconnect together. Stitch the planet, stay home, stay safe.”