Hard to believe January, February and March have come and gone…. the winter season is over and spring is upon us and with that brings a fresher side to life.




Balance, authenticity, and transparency are words that are running through my mind daily this year.




The vibe at the EA has reached a new level of sophistication, the flow of traffic at Ever After Miami has truly gone global, my designers deliver gorgeous gowns and my customers receive a luxury experience in which they participate in the creation of their very personal vision.





On a very personal note those three words mean so much to the direction of my life and the lives of women embarking on the new chapter in their lives called marriage.



As women we fight for balance with the humanity in our lives, which need our attention everyday.


To be authentic to ourselves means we live our lives as a women following our dreams, which sometimes goes against the grain.



Transparency is the total ability as women to express ourselves on all levels and each face has a unifying voice and message for our world.



All of this sounds easy and makes a lot of sense, although it is very difficult to find true happiness and achieve a complete person. Working with women from all over the globe on a daily basis, I see the pinnacle moments before the transition to becoming a wife. Enjoy the journey and create your message!!  Create a framework of yourself and your life with the man of your dreams. This is the most important plan you will ever make for your truest today, tomorrow, and yesterday in order to truly live as one forever.



I love the white dress and its historical reference in this moment in time, your wedding day,  but be sure to take the time to make your own history as you see your life unfolding!!


Freeze the moment and enjoy the ride!!