Upon entering the MET I was extremely excited to view the exhibit I had read so much about, ‘Savage Beauty.’ On Memorial Day Weekend I received a FB message from my friend and EA bride Nina Johnson which truly moved me as she had just visited and toured the exhibit. Her words came through the message with overwhelming emotion. Even still I had no idea how powerful the experience I was about to have would be for me personally.



Youth verses age / fresh verses tired / naïve verses wisdom / reckless verses controlled / open verses guarded / risk verses reward / daring verses conservative / life verses death, McQueen celebrated polarized opposites and delivered in his artistic message an experience of style, love, and fashion that would create a moment that redefined an experience. Opposite romantic movements through life which shape ones inner world. The compare and contrast through life experience will answer the questions you may have within which take you to a higher level of understanding and passion. Style and fashion can be used as your personal vehicle to express yourself. In love we find comfort which must drive desire, the flame may fade by the understanding keeps it alive. To personally take this journey one comes to a conclusion that parallel themes run vast and wide, the ability to see the message will define you!



I believe one must truly live to experience the fullness the world has in store for you. Exploration creates a keen mind if grounded in a philosophy of maturation to a greater human mind and spirit! The world gave us the gift of this artist to challenge our thoughts and ideals.



Throughout the McQueen exhibit, “Savage Beauty,” you were constantly reminded of the limits he pushed as an artist. He used fashion as a vehicle to deliver his point of view but his message was about the world and our humanity. We truly lost him young as he had so much more to say …



“There is no way back for me now, I am going to take you on journeys you’ve never dreamed were possible!!” Alexander McQueen



It was one of the darkest, stimulating, sensory experiences I have ever had in fashion. The ability to see all his presentations in one journey left a deep impression a powerful collective message. His use of elements was highly applied in his presentations wind, water, fire, the presentation of his work all in one cohesive message illustrated an artist who used fashion as a catalyst for his social and political message of woman silenced for a stimulating and sensual beauty grotesque or pure. He wanted people to fear the woman who wore his clothes.


The MET: Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty