As the last six months have passed, so have the fallen leaves and the frigid north has thawed welcoming the beautiful season of Spring. The beauty of the Fall collections have been presented in New York, London, Paris, and Milan. The step child to fashion, “bridal,” is to be presented along with the birth of Spring!!

I personally feel refreshed and renewed with a new vision and clear eye to receive these iconic gowns with an understanding of this new customer. The bride’s of today have shed the looks of yesterday and demand a direction that moves them on so many levels. Visual stimulation is felt from every angel and pure beauty in the era of the selfie takes on a new roll for women today.

Style is a lost art and staying true to your personal identity is more difficult when girls have so many ways to be exposed to what they should want. It is a sensory overload at times and brides must be discerning to find their singular voice.

The bride must fall in love, enjoy the journey and allow herself to be moved by the visual stimulation of this momentous occasion.

Create your story and make it your happily Ever After!