The morning light brings life to the world. When you see the love and light in everything you can truly experience beauty.  On my way to NYBFW and reflecting on spring which is my favorite time of the year. It is a rebirth, a beginning again to the beauty that surrounds us. Everything is in bloom and the feeling of being blessed with all things beautiful. The backdrop has been set to perform the edit of stunning collections that represent the Ever After Bride!

My journeys at dawn have taken me all over the world in search of beautiful white gowns! It is hard to believe the last 15 years of editing and curating the white dress have passed as the seasons have and evolved and grown into the trademark of the Ever After Bride. The light of her stunning beauty is unique. She reveals her statement in the best in bridal fashion with a signature element, which is her very own for her most iconic moment as the bride!

The center of the Ever After Experience has been primarily edited and curated in New York, the center of American fashion. It is in New York at the elite fashion house showrooms in which I curate an assortment that commands the attention of the most discerning brides from all over the world. The spring season presents us with the new breath of bridal fashion for the coming year, season after season.

Ever After is blessed to have built a following and established relationship, which deliver beauty. The bride’s gown palette is in search for the refined yet sensual luxe elements that are showcased as pieces of art at Ever After. These featured treasured designers hang in our showroom to be adored. An experience like no other, we can evolve for customers into their most perfect vision of a bride.

Off and away I go, to stay true to the beauty of the bride and her moment. I dress all types of woman with all different stories of love. The Ever After bride has many different faces but one common core is a true inner passion and style, which is brought to life as we send her down the aisle in true Ever After Style!