Making a mark on ones heart is something that no matter what happens is forever present. Strength, love, and loyalty are always paramount in my life and ever present. At Ever After we pride ourselves on giving it all to those embarking on their journey to The White dress. Over the years I have mentored and taught many who have passed through my Ever After, the dream that is the Ever After Experience. The ironic part of this, is simply that the love of this showroom, the gowns I select, and the vibe and energy of this boutique is unique and singular to Ever After!


The continuous evolution of the circular union of fashion, tradition and style are the core principles that I built my business of bridal fashion. A salon focused on the fashion of bridal. The experience is created to interrupt your inner style and translate it to your wedding gown. The houses that I have curated for Ever After represent the best of the best in fashion!


Fashion is a point of view that is moved by trends and seasons. Each collection is created to express a different aesthetic, but it is the personal style that we are searching for in our clients, the voice of your inner-self. The expression translates to your vision and is effortless beauty.


The bride is the voice and vision and at Ever After the reason for “Our Labour of Love!”