“The Era of Herrera”

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, it seems there’s no end to the inspiration that just graced the runways.  There’s no doubt that all eyes were on Wes Gordon for his debut as Creative Director for Carolina Herrera.  We watched live with great anticipation for what was to come in the “Era of Herrera.” What we found? Pure fashion bliss.

Following one of the most iconic women in fashion is no easy task, but Wes Gordon took inspiration from Herrera’s classic pieces and gave them a fresh new twist.  We saw bold colors, beautiful florals, perfect tailoring followed by the most ethereal silk drapery you’ve ever laid eyes on.

The traditional white collared shirt made an appearance, this time cropped, with a cinched tie waist and a voluminous sleeve.

The impeccable fit we all know and love from Herrera resurfaced with the best mixing of patterns. A powerful plaid pant suit was met with an airy black and white polka dot button down for a polished yet playful look.

As the beautiful looks came one after another, we were stunned yet again by the most amazing printed silk maxi dresses.  The modern floral prints came in glamorous emerald greens, bright sunshine yellows, and muted khaki tones.  Each piece evoked a new feeling of wonder and grandeur.

The thunderous applause was almost inaudible from the trance that this collection put on the audience. Each look glided across the runway for the final walk and it was as if we saw them all again for the first time.

We will wait with great anticipation for what Wes Gordon has in store for Bridal Fashion Week.  Stay tuned!