Where to Begin

Today’s bride is constantly bombarded with the latest trends, tips, and tricks for choosing her wedding gown.  It’s become increasingly more difficult to hone in on your personal style and find the gown that’s meant for you. Here at Ever After, we are here to identify your personal style and translate it into your dream dress!

It’s All About the Feeling

Every time a bride puts on a gown and gasps, everyone in the room knows it’s her dress.  The look in her eye, the smile on her face, the way she carries herself–something happens that transports her when she is wearing her dress.  We tell brides all the time that it’s all about the feeling.  When you know, you know!  Our biggest encouragement to our brides is to find what’s right for them–not something that matches what they found on Instagram.

The Ever After Difference

A wedding dress is by far the most personal and emotional purchase a woman will make in her life.  Brides often lose sight of the profound nature of this process because of the immense pressure they feel from social media sources.  Let’s take a minute and simplify everything so you can take a deep breath! At Ever After, we realize how personal of a decision this is, so we tailor each bride’s experience to her style, venue, and family.  Our dresses are hand-selected for our brides, not based on trend, but based on who they are as an individual.  Trends come and go, but your wedding is a mark of a forever love. Our private appointments ensure that each bride’s voice is heard and that she has the experience of a lifetime finding the perfect dress for her perfect day. Whether it’s the first dress you try on or the 100th, trust yourself, and remember, it’s all about the feeling.